If you are new to CrossFit, you must first start by completing our Elements class. Elements are 3 separate, one hour classes that teach you the basics of CrossFit. Each Class will be adapted to your fitness level.

$30.00 to get started

This is for 3-one hour Elements Classes. Use the Contact us page to schedule your first class.

police, fire & military

There is  20% off for all our local hero's. This is available to all full time police departments, Sheriff, State Highway Patrol, Fire departments and all active military personnel.

students discount

There is a 25% discount to all full time students.


$15.00 must have experience!

We are pleased to have any experienced CrossFitter stop in, just please let us know in advance with our Contact us page. 

month to month

$100.00 per month

There is no commitment with this membership and allows full access to all scheduled classes.

$85.00 per month

For 3 classes a week.

$74.00 per month

For 2 classes a week.